"From the day I spoke with them on the phone inquiring about their shared living program I got the sense that this was a caring compassionate agency. I was immediately connected with Trisha who would become my coordinator and my go to person. She worked with me to ensure I had all the trainings I needed she kept in constant contact with me and has been there for me the whole time.

I am now a licensed provider and she has matched me with a wonderful person! I am enjoying sharing my home and some of life's wonderful experiences!

The person I care for has stated that she is happy and feels safe. We also have a lot in common we both love cooking, shopping, and gardening!

I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with a great agency and to be able to provide assistance to a person in my care"

- Sharon Thorington

"I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for all that you do for Jess and me. Thank you for being so understanding and for going out of your way to make sure that we have all that we need (especially during the COVID-19 challenge). Thanks for giving me back up documents for when my computer is non-compliant."

"They are both very helpful in developing a behavior plan that supported Ricky's emotional and behavioral needs during the period that he had a lot of down time."

- Ricardo's Home Providers

"Patrick was living alone in an apartment when he came to the realization that he was not happy. Patrick's case manager suggested he think about a CCH. Patrick visited a home in Hartford and it just "wasn't the right fit". Pat never gave up and met with a coordinator from Living Innovations.

Together they found Patrick a home that was his "fit". Since moving into a CCH, Patrick has lost fifty pounds and "is way less anxious". Patrick recommends CCH to anyone looking for a good home. Patrick loves that "you can go on vacations together, go to the mall, or just do family stuff".

Patrick's CCH provider does not like to cook. She was worried Patrick would not enjoy what she makes. But no worries! Patrick is an expert chef His provider picked up the ingredients for his specialty, Lasagna. Patrick cooked and it was delicious. A total team effort! Patrick found a loving supportive home and his CCH provider found one very talented guy!"

"Being a part of Living Innovations has brought much pleasure & purpose into my life. I find great joy in guiding the Individuals in my home to achieve their goals in life as well as becoming their happiest selves. It makes me happy to be apart of their journey of growth & independence. As I have worked with some amazing individuals over the years, I realize that not only am I helping them, but they bring so much light & love into my home. I am blessed to have the team at Living Innovations for support throughout my experience and I could not ask for a better agency to learn from & to grow with."

- Lisa J Baker

"During an unprecedented pandemic, John moved in with Ashley and Marcia in April. John had been living with a foster family and was aging out of OCF. He needed a new home. John first learned about the Community Companion Home (CCH) program from his OCF case manager Steve. Steve told him that someone named Dan wanted to help him find a home. John's case manager brought him to the DOS office to meet with Dan from Living Innovations. John reported that "Dan was nice" and they talked about what John was looking for in a new home. John decided he would like to meet with Ashley and Marcia. It was decided that John would go over for lunch. When John arrived, he was nervous. John recalled "Dan noticed that I was nervous and helped me relax. The longer I was with Ashley and Marcia the more it felt like home".

John's case manager also had him visit another family, but John felt hesitant. The other CCH provider told John if he wanted to visit his biological parents "he was on his own''. Ashley told John he would support him in maintaining meaningful relationships. John felt more comfortable with Ashley and Marcia and chose to move in with them. Since moving in, he says CCH is "a great environment." When asked if he would recommend the CCH program others, John replied, "Yes if they are looking for help or a good home"

"John loves my food and we get to share meals together. He enjoys living with me and Marcia. We are making him comfortable. He can do what he has to do with no obligation. We have started watching the Price is Right together."

- Ashley