We have New Hampshire Roots!

We began providing oversight for our first Shared Living home, in New Hampshire, in 1997. We now provide direct support and shared living opportunities for individuals who live in the central and southern regions of New Hampshire and we are growing every day!

Our services are designed to build Community Connections and enhance quality of life for the people we support and they align to the needs and priorities of each person while also aligning with best practices and state requirements.

Our New Hampshire management team has a wealth of diverse experience in providing services to people with a broad range of intellectual and developmental disabilities. That depth of experience allows us to provide comprehensive, personalized and inclusive services to meet the very unique needs of each person we serve. We put the people we support at the center of all we do and provide excellent customer service to all team participants including guardians, family members and service coordinators.

Please contact us if we can help find the supports that are a just-right fit for you or the person you care about. You may also inquire about our matching process and learn how we carefully select qualified home providers and provider personalized supports.


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