Shared Living is a wonderful opportunity for a person with disabilities to live in a home of their choice with extensively vetted and qualified home providers.

Living Innovations has decades of expertise in providing the best quality shared living experience to hundreds of people.

Shared Living is a unique and personalized residential choice that assists adults with disabilities to find a nurturing host family. Living Innovations’ careful matching process considers many factors to find the most harmonious and supportive living environment for all parties involved

Careful matching can include the person, their family and anyone who is important in the person’s life. All parties must agree to the match for people to live together. After successfully matching with a Shared Living provider, the person receiving support, will be provided with:

  • A personalized transition to their new home
  • A warm, family-like environment ideal for an adult with disabilities looking for a personalized community-based place to live
  • Person Centered Planning to support the shared living arrangement and community involvement
  • The support of a team of professionals, available 24/7
  • Personalized support to help the person life a full and meaningful life in the community, including being connected to family and friends
  • The opportunity to learn new things and be part of a local community
  • Opportunities for new learning, experiences and friendships

With more than twenty years of experience helping hundreds of people, Living Innovations has a dedicated and knowledgeable staff of professionals who are committed to the well-being and quality of life of the people they support.