We’re Finding Creative Ways to Give our Individuals the Support (and Fun) They Need

Here are examples of what our creative staff are doing to ensure the best possible connection with the individuals we serve in these difficult times. Routine and connection are important to most of us, and our team is working tirelessly to think out of the box in order to help our individuals, not just weather, but thrive in our current circumstances. Follow our regional Facebook pages (links below) to see regular updates!

Remote Connections via Phone or Online Video Sessions

Our team schedules regular calls to check on such things as health, hygiene, mood and asks key questions to ensure our individuals feel cared for and connected. We’re also using these tools to provide a range of experiences and interactions that most closely resemble our individuals’ daily routines, so important to their health and well-being.

Virtual Activities using Video Conferencing

  • Moving clubs and classes online to maintain consistency and engagement
  • Virtual outdoor hikes using Facetime
  • Virtual field trips
  • Meditation sessions
  • Cooking demos (1:1 sessions)
  • Adult coloring time
  • How to prepare and plant seeds
  • Read along sessions
  • Exercise sessions
  • Individuals are encouraged to make “quarantine” videos and share them
  • Group games, like “Name that Tune”, “21 Questions”, “Charades” or “True or False”

“Bro-Talk” is just one example of how we are finding virtual ways to help our individuals connect and maintain their all-important routines

Learning and Growth Opportunities

  • Resume writing tutorial
  • Creating their own volunteer opportunity/ or employment
  • How to set achievable goals
  • Creating self-esteem and positivity

Another great example of how the Living Innovations team is creatively finding ways to turn quarantine into an adventure!

To follow our teams’ activities, click on the regional Living Innovations Facebook pages below. Our local offices will showcase the great work being done regularly, so “like” the page and check back frequently!”